A healthy mouth is the foundation of good overall health. With our dental insurance, you may afford the greatest care while maintaining your mouth’s health.

Our PPO dental insurance will cover:

  • Dental Coverage Preventative Services (like exams and cleanings)
  • Basic Services (like extractions and fillings)
  • Major Services (like crowns and root canals)

You will receive important advantages from our dental plans, such as:

  • The option to select any dentist from our large network.
  • Inexpensive or free preventative care.
  • There are no claim forms to complete when seeing a dentist in our network.
  • Discounts on cosmetic and orthodontic treatments.


Group insurance has advantages for both the employees and the company. Health insurance is the first benefit that comes to mind when employees think of benefits. Everyone knows how important it is to have insurance covering prescriptions, lab work, hospital stays, doctor visits, and exams.

Our group insurance may benefit your staff and entice more people to work for you.

Whether your business is large or little, with a group insurance policy, we can assist you in creating your package. We have various plans, and we can help you decide which is ideal for your business.

You can also provide your workers affordable insurance, which can be paid directly so they can spend it in any way they like.

Group Insurance covers:

  • Group Accident Insurance: If you don’t provide health insurance for your staff, you can still offer them this plan, which will pay the entire year’s price. In addition to receiving $300 for any doctor visits if one of your employees is hurt.
  • Hospital supplements: When you are admitted to a hospital, the Hospital Supplements program pays you a set amount and a set amount for each day you remain there.


To choose the kind of plan you need, it’s critical to consider how much you want to safeguard your family. Always put your family first. You don’t want the financial strain of your final days to fall on your family. No matter your age.

In this plan, we provide:

  • Final Expense Plan: These are the least-priced insurance to pay for funeral expenditures, burial costs, and other little costs.
  • Term Life Insurance: This plan, which you can purchase between the ages of 5 and 30, will protect your family since they no longer have access to your income while covering burial expenses.
  • Buy and sell Agreement: If you own a business, you can purchase this policy, and if one of your business partners passes away, you can take advantage of it and continue operating the company.


You must be over 65 and qualify for a Medicare insurance policy.

  • Blue Medicare Supplement insurance policies
  • Blue Medicare Rx
  • Blue Medicare PPO
  • Blue Medicare HMO


Florida Blue offers extensive plans, a variety of networks, and an exceptional service and stability track record, all supported by more than 70 years of experience.

  • Blue Options PPO/EPO plans
  • Blue Care HMO plans
  • Blue Select PPO/EPO plans
  • My Blue


If you have questions about our ancillary products, let us know. Give us a call or fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.