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Benefits of Using an Agency

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Think you can get insurance cheaper if you buy directly from the company instead of through an agent? Think again! The truth is that you can purchase through an agent and be guided by a professional through the complex options you have and it doesn't cost you anything extra. And if you have questions or concerns after you get your policy, you continue to have an agent that you can contact directly.

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Do you have questions about Health Care Reform?

Whether you are an employer currently offering a health plan to your employees or you have an individual or family plan or you are currently without health care coverage, you may be wondering how health care reform will affect you, your current plan and your choice of plans in the future.  As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unfolds, we can advise you on your healthcare options.  We are here to get you answers. If you are looking for answers to questions like.

* Do I have to buy health insurance, and if I decide not to purchase insurance, will I receive a penalty?
* How much will the penalty be?
* Will I qualify for a subsidy to help pay for my premiums?  How much subsidy do I qualify for?
* What is the exchange?
* What is the difference between Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum plans?

* If I own a business, do I have to offer group health coverage to my employees?

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